Green energy at the wrong time is no solution

Manmade climate change on our planet earth demands fast and consequent action. As hard it is to let go, we need to say goodbye to fossil fuels very soon.

The Berlin Mercator-Institute calculated that worldwide CO2 neutrality must be accomplished by 2028, in order to limit global warming to an average 1.5°C. The research is unanimous that if the temperature continues to rise, many ecosystems will be irretrievably destroyed. The biodiversity and our quality of life will drastically decrease.

Regenerative energy potentials are not being used sufficiently, due to their weather-dependent volatility and missing energy storage capacities. This reality forces us to continue to rely on large conventional power plant parks to secure power supply. Balancing actions such as grid optimization and load management in the smart grid are limited and connected with compromises for consumers. There is a missing link between energy production and demand.

Core problem of the energy revolution

The energy transition from fossil to renewable energy supply will not be successful, unless we have adequate storage capacity for electric energy. Existing capacity is inadequate, weak and expensive. It has almost no economic relevance in the grid.

GroNaS is the solution

Delivering high power, a fast switching capability, and large capacity, GroNaS electric energy storage technology is the solution for our current energy problem.

“Mega-Power-, Giga-Storage-Capacity, promptly adjustable”

Our batteries achieve unrivaled low prices per kilowatt installed power capacity, and kilowatt hour storage capacity. GroNaS- Energy-Storages are clean, safe and obtain their cheap raw materials from uncritical sources.

“For an unrivaled low price”

Uncritical and cheap raw materials

Sulfur accrues as a waste product during the natural gas desulfurization and is collected in large landfills. The demand for our energy storage can be largely covered with this deposit.

Sodium is derived from rock salt. This is sufficiently contained in the earth’s crust and sea water.

Clean, emission free and safe

A GroNaS-Energy-Storage is a closed system, which works without any waste or emissions. It operates very safely. If an accident were to occur, the danger is comparable with any conventional chemistry facility. There are no risks taken.

For every conceivable emergency situation is a scenario developed to handle it safely.