Grid stability without coal and gas

GroNaS-Energy-Storages quickly provide unlimited balancing energy. Positive and negative. Boasting high power and long storage capacities, they enable a high grid stability without fossil fuels, even during unpredictable weather conditions. Furthermore, there will be no restrictions or loss in quality of power supply for consumers.

Ideal replacement of served-out coal power plants

Finally, nuclear, gas and coal power plants are not needed as a backup anymore.

A GroNaS-Energy-Storage fits perfectly on the location of a decommissioned coal power plant. To realize an outage-free energy transition to renewables, coal plants could be replaced one at a time with a GroNaS-Energy-Storage, while sustainable energies are expanded. Energy supply security will not be at risk.


A GroNaS-Energy-Storage, together with a solar or wind power plant, offers the cheapest and strongest autarky solution for remote regions and islands.

Also, for municipal infrastructure whose energy supply must not be interrupted, such as hospitals, fire departments, police, and military, they provide safety of provision.