“In Germany 550 TWh of electricity are consumed, annually!”

Investment into a billion-dollar market

The electrical load on the German grid frequently reaches more than 80 GW.

With the introduction of smart-grid load management, it can possibly be reduced to 70 GW. About 10 GW can be provided by existing energy storages, such as pumped-storage hydro power plants, bio-gas power plants, and if necessary, the import of electricity.

The remaining load of approximately 60 GW is currently provided by coal, gas, and nuclear plants, when it gets dark and the wind slacks off.

The shutdown of fossil and nuclear facilities would create a gap of 60 GW.

Building GroNaS-Energy-Storages can fill this gap!

A GroNaS-Energy-Storage costs approximately 900 USD per kilowatt installed power capacity, and provides two weeks of storage capacity at full power. The construction of 60 gigawatts GroNaS power storage would accordingly cost 54 billion USD.

Germany must step out of coal in 2038. With a solid investment we are going to be ready for serial production in 2028. The replacement of fossil power plants over a period of 10 years is realistic.

This results in an annual turnover of 5.4 bn. USD, in Germany alon

Timeline & financial requirement

What do we need? Investment!

For the first two years we have a financial requirement of 5 Mio. €, of which are up to 70% funded via the 7th Energy funding program of the German government. That means, we need only app. 1.5 Mio. € equity. The other 10 Mio. € are the shares of our partner institutes, which will be 100% funded by the same program.

We are looking for the right partner to realize this technology! If you are interested or have any question to be cleared in detail, please write or call us!